Christine is a qualified and experienced practitioner who applies a range of techniques and therapies that many people have found to resolve stress and anxiety in the workplace or at home, e.g. pressures and changes at work, stress due to being a carer, anxiety about forthcoming events and appointments. The techniques and therapies have also been used by people to work on pain, phobias or other emotional and physical issues.

She will meet or talk with you to discuss options and agree on the appropriate approach for each individual or group – from individual treatment sessions to demonstrations of techniques to groups.

Christine works holistically and is very happy to also suggest ideas for self help so that you remain in control.

The therapies and techniques are practiced within her role as part of the Trust in You team, or by private arrangement. Proceeds from private bookings go towards the not for profit organisation for the benefit of the community.

See pages below for an explanation of some of the techniques used e.g. Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki.

You are advised to seek assessment and diagnosis from your medical practitioner for any physical or mental health issues. Though the therapies and techniques used and suggested by Christine have been effective for people, you are responsible for your own health, and advised to talk to your medical practitioner if considering a change to any treatment that they are providing.