Reiki, (pronounced ray-key), is a healing practice which originated in Japan. It is based on an idea that there is a universal energy which supports the body’s innate healing abilities.

You remain fully clothed, and lie or sit comfortably while Christine places her hands, non-intrusively, on or just above areas of the body, to facilitate the flow of healing energy. It is a holistic approach, treating the whole person.

A full treatment will last for about one hour. Shorter seated treatments can be given. People have found this to relieve conditions such as stress or backache, though it can be applied for many other issues.

For some ongoing conditions a course of up to six sessions may be recommended.

One client’s feedback:

“after  a recent ski trip in St Anton Austria, i had a fall on the wednesday afternoon and was in great pain, ad noticable alot stiffer, a friend in my group said she was in ski school with a lady called “chris” whom practised REIKI, she said that another lady and fallen and hurt her back and chris performed REIKI on her after a fall, the day next chris’s friend was on the slopes with no pain.. I was grateful the chris took time out of her evening on holidays to perform REIKI on my back, it was a strange experience as if felt like her hands where extremely hot one second and cold the next.. Well i can say that it worked i was alot better the next day and was able to carry on with the rest off the holiday.  so thanks for you help chris..” G.M.