Exercise and Physical Activity

The main reason that people give for not exercising is that they are not the “sporty type”. They may have been put off by school experience or what they perceive as the competitive nature of some exercise. However, physical activity does not have to be about competition – it can be about leisure interests such as walking or gardening. We are being warned about an obesity epidemic affecting our country and yet we are also bombarded with images of super-thin people we are supposed to aspire to. Many people are embarrassed to attend a gym for fear of looking out of place. This is why it is important for people to feel comfortable in their chosen pursuit. The beneficial effects of physical activity on both physical and mental wellbeing are recognised.

Jem encourages and supports people and provides practical assistance to explore what type of physical activity might suit them best. He can help with the setting of goals and is able to facilitate introductions to local resources to help someone on either their introduction to a new leisure pursuit or a return to an old favourite.

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