Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Often simply known as ‘tapping’, the basic EFT technique is a practical self-help method that anyone can learn, including young children.

EFT Practitioners learn more advanced EFT techniques to look for the underlying cause of a physical, behavioural or emotional problem with the intention of resolving even traumatic memories without re-traumatisation.

A form of psychological acupressure, specific acupressure points on the face, upper body and fingers are gently tapped on while verbalising an identified problem and affirmation phrase. You remain seated and will usually tap on yourself.

EFT can often bring about surprising results in a gentle way.

Example of client feedback:

“I had suffered a breakdown through stress at work, leaving me shaking frequently and in a state of permanently high anxiety-my GP advised that I should not work for four months. Following a meeting with Chris, she offered me a session using EFT. The tapping technique in particular amazed me – even with my initial doubts, I began to feel calmer straight away . In spite of the fact that for a long time I was literally worrying about every situation I found myself in, I was able to successfully use this technique to calm myself , and carry through the tasks I was faced with. Since my return to work, I have been pleased to find that the method has continued to be effective in all situations. My final barrier was an irrational fear of long distance travel, and I have also been able to overcome this. Thanks once again for your help Chris -its great to be “back in the world”.     JA