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Physical activity and mental health

I saw an article about a 100 year old woman called Jean this morning. She started yoga classes in her 60s, and has continued. She looks full of vitality and talks enthusiastically about how it has been good for her physically, and also socially.

Physical activity of any kind is good for us mentally also. It does not have to be a competitive team sport, or hours of hard work in a gym – though it can be if that is what you enjoy and find rewarding.

Try out a few things, only do what you can do, there is no shame in starting off small, and when you know what you enjoy, go for it. Jean tried yoga, enjoyed it – and look at her now!








Mental Health First Aid courses

Once again this year we have been commissioned by Public Health Gloucestershire to deliver MHFA standard courses, free, to people who work in the voluntary sector throughout Gloucestershire. We are grateful to them for the opportunity.

We are half way through a series of 6 courses which have been attended and well received by people from a diverse group of charities and not for profit organisations – all working with adults, young people and families.

Apart from the opportunity to train people to be Mental Health First Aiders it has been a privilege to hear about their experiences. With so much news about the struggles of statutory mental health services it is comforting to know that people in the voluntary sector are doing more than just plugging gaps. They work professionally to support people through crises, and to enable them to move through their recovery to be closer to reaching their goals.

We enjoy being a part of the voluntary sector and also working closely with businesses and the public sector to build on the good practice that is out there for people who are living with mental health challenges.










We held our second Memory Group in Wotton under Edge today. A lovely group of people to chat with. Before they played Uno and a quick little quiz we talked about what we would like to do as a group next year and several things were mentioned e.g. walking, exercising, Mens Shed, art and singing amongst other things. One member of the group offered to teach us all how to play the harmonica. Having dementia, or being a carer, does not always reduce a person’s interest in the things that they enjoy – our task is to make sure they have the opportunities to have a go – it is going to be an eventful 2016.

Meanwhile, we are off to a local pub for a Seasonal lunch next week, and on 22nd Katie Elliot is going to come and play piano for us.

Central heating is being installed at our venue next week, so we aim to be cosy and contented throughout the winter.